Polygon Students [2011 Batch]

raj ballav koirala An actor has direct relationship with media and audience, MAMCJ has helped me to establish further rapport with both. Raj Ballav Koirala, Actor

pawan acharya By pursuing masters in MAMCJ it has enabled me to have a broad understanding of the field of communication. In addition I have been able to learn new skills which has enhanced my professionalism. Pawan Acharya, Media Person

rajesh pandey My thinking and working style has significantly changed after joining MAMCJ. As a result I strongly believe that I have a bright future in the communication sector. Rajesh Pandey, Media Person

आमसञ्चारको सैद्धान्तिक अध्ययनले प्रयोगात्मक सिकाइलाई विश्वसनीय र सुदृढ बनाएको छ । प्रेम बानियाँ

समाचारीय मूल्यका कुनै पनि विषयमा के भइरहेको छ ? भनेर मात्र हेर्ने मेरो प्रवृत्तिमा पत्रकारिताको अध्ययनले त्यो किन भइरहेको छ ? भनेर विश्लेषण गर्नेतर्पm उन्मुख गराइदिएको छ । देशबन्धु अधिकारी

पत्रकारिताको अध्ययनले गर्दा मेरो विश्लेषण गर्ने क्षमता र व्यावसायिकतामा अझ निखार आएको छ ।दुर्गा आचार्य

girish bhattarai
Durga Adhikari Girish Bhattarai Prekshya Lamichhaney Puspa Rijal
Aashish Kumar Jha Sanatkumar Rijal Amit Rijal Binod Kumar Thapa
Deepa Khanal Rajkumar Regmi Dhruba Dangal Narmada Pandey
Dik Bdr. Tamang Cheta Nath Adhikari Kushmira Adhikary Bechoo Kahnar
Sashi Sekhar Ghimire Sushan Prajapati Purnendu Kumar Jha Krishna Kaji Manandhar
Yadav Kumar Bhattarai Prabin Budhathoki Apar Paudel Pradip Ghimire
Rajendra Prasad Pyakurel Megh Raj Gautam    

Eligibility for Admission

Students who have completed Bachelor’s Degree level in any faculty with at least 40 percent of aggregate marks and interested in multi-dimensional aspects of mass communication and journalism can apply for the MAMCJ program [+] Read More


The College will provide partial scholarships under various categories such as remote areas, the indigenous community, the underprivileged, martyr’s family members and the women. Besides this partial scholarship, semester toppers get waive-off in their tuition fee in the next semester.

Linkage with Media Houses

The college has plans to establish collaboration with international universities and institutions. The college will manage internship facility in various media houses relating to students subject and interest. [+] Read More

Latest News and Annoucements

Admission Open for MAMCJ
January 01, 2014

Please visit the college or go through the website for further information. You can also apply online or send us an inquiry regarding the course.