Polygon College has consistently held a prominent position among the nation's leading institutions in the field of mass media and communication. Over a decade, Polygon College has been instrumental in refining the distinctive abilities of numerous generations of students, who, empowered by its holistic educational approach, have played a pivotal role in elevating the media and communication industry to new heights.

A journalism and mass communication degree provides you with the opportunity to work under or with original, well-educated individuals who motivate you to perform well. With the ever-expanding mass media arena, there is no shortage of job opportunities. As you work, you can savor titles, fame and money traveling together.

Eligibility for Admission

Students who have completed a Bachelor’s Degree level in any faculty with at least 40 percent of aggregate marks and interested in multi-dimensional aspects of mass communication and journalism can apply for the MAMCJ program.

Teaching Methodology


We have adopted advanced and digital teaching methodology as per the stream's demand and requirements. However, the emphasis will be laid on the participatory approach. Students who are unable to come to physical classes will also be able to attend the lectures online. PowerPoint Presentation, Class Room lectures, Guest lecturers having national and international exposure on related subjects, Seminar, workshop and field visits. 

Why Mass Communication and Journalism?

  • Influence social change and explore diverse perspectives.
  • Gain adaptable skills for evolving media landscapes.
  • Express creativity through storytelling and multimedia.
  • Access diverse career opportunities in journalism, PR, marketing, and more.
  • Develop investigative skills and contribute to transparency in society.


We provide partial scholarships under various categories such as remote areas, the indigenous community, the underprivileged, martyr’s family members, and women. Besides this partial scholarship, semester toppers get waive-off in their tuition fee in the next semester.

We offer 50 percent of the tuition fee waiver for professional media persons. 100 percent tuition fee will be refunded to a gold medalist in each batch.